Bikini posing session

(Skype, FaceTime or in person)

-detailed session for bikini competitors that need help with learning the basic moves, advanced posing techniques, stage presence and confidence tips;

-show day tips;

1 hour - $50

Bringing a friend?

$35 each

Customized meal and weekly training program is applied to all plans below.

Customized 6 weeks


Customized 8 weeks


Customized 12 weeks


Customized 16 weeks


Competition Packages Include:

-weekly training program;

-customized nutrition plan;

-supplement suggestions;

-weekly check -ins; unlimited e-mail support;

-weekly planner;

-cardio guide;

-peak week;

-special discount for your bikini through VFIT Swimwear

12 weeks


16 weeks



Partial payments available - we work with you!

Hi Carmen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for me in 12 short weeks , it is amazing the knowledge you have and how you transformed me so quickly, I look forward to working with you , you have a client for life. Thank you again, for all you have done and what you will continue to do for me.
— Confidential
It was a pleasure to work with Carmen during my second prep towards my bikini body building competition. Her enthusiasm and genuine caring character helped ease the transition of going from a flexible diet to a structured diet and disciplined workout regime. She was always accessible and approachable. Carmen is a great motivator and experienced trainer who could help me manage my workouts through my recovery from bronchitis mid prep. After only eight short weeks I could achieve amazing results that I never dreamed of achieving. I want to thank her for continuing to push me and inspire me to grow and explore my fitness potential past body building competitions.
— Diana Lopez – California
This last year has been insane I have grown so much as a person and I have Carmen to thank for that. About 10 years ago I had gone from weighing 105 lbs. and being a college athlete to gaining 80 lbs. in less than a year. My weight has been up and down and after I had my son I figured that this bigger uncomfortable body was just my new norm. I was unhappy I binge ate and then felt bad about myself. Anyway, about a year ago I decided enough was enough I had been competitive my entire life and I missed it. I missed being an athlete. I started to workout on my own and decided after countless hour on Pinterest that I wanted to do a bikini competition. I floundered on my own for a couple months. I started following Carmen and sent her a message on a whim thinking this girl will never respond to me and probably would never believe in me. Little did I know she was just the person I needed in my life. We live almost 200 miles away from each other but we always felt so much closer. I am a creature of structure and habit and Carmen gets that. She sent me my meal plans and workout plans ever Friday by 4PM on the dot. And she always responded to every single question I had. She understood what I was going through and understood a life-style overhaul is no easy task. She held my hand and supported me every step of the way. I started this conquest at 165lbs and 33% body fat when I stepped on stage after 8 months with Carmen I weighed 114lbs and 16% body fat also I am down 22 inches’ total. I owe all of my success to Carmen she gave me the mental and physical strengths to overcome all of my hurtles. I plan on working with Carmen again for my next prep.
— Courtney Bailey - Tucson, AZ