March 11th 2017 Muscle Contest FIT WORLDS


November 2016 Jon Lindsay - IRON GAMES
Placed 2nd in Class D Bikini Open

July 2015 Arizona Open
Placed 2nd in Bikini Novice Class B
Placed 1st in Bikini Open Class C

November 2015 Felicia Romero Classic
Class winner Bikini Class D 1st Place

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, in a far away land known as Romania.  Although this is the place where vampires, Dracula and Transylvania exist,  my family was very Americanized and I grew up speaking English as a second language. 

Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I had always been interested in health and what my body can do through exercise. I’ll never forget my first encounter with a “six pack” when I was 13 years old…and became fascinated with how much our bodies change when we do the right things. 

My family and I moved to the States when I was 19 years old, and I ventured out on my own shortly thereafter, finding my calling in the great state of Arizona! I loved the heat, not having to deal with 4 seasons, no rain or snow… it was a dream state for me!

And so it all began..


““The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I’d hate that.””

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learn more about me in this interview video with Best Muscle Video